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Our primary focus is the installation of resin floorings for manufacturing sites, warehouses, and other industrial facilities, as well as in garages and car parks.

We offer both epoxy and polyurethane floorings, as well as specialised anti-electrostatic, methacrylate, and chemical resistant floorings based on vinylester resins. We also make quick-setting, self-levelling cement screeds.


We cooperate with the biggest resin flooring suppliers: Flowcrete, Sika, Mapei, and Sto-Ispo.


A very important element in installing a resin flooring is the surface on which the flooring should be applied, as well as its mechanical preparation. We first assess the current condition of the surface, examining its moisture content and pull-off strength, and also confirming that it is in level.


When surface levelling is required, we use epoxy resins or quick-setting, self-levelling cement screeds.


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